Discover Doulton® counter top water filters - the quick and convenient solution for fresh, clean water for all the family. Counter top filters sit on the kitchen counter next to the sink, meaning there is no mess, no fuss and no need for installation.

Doulton® counter top filters take out 99.99% of common water contaminants, providing healthy, tasty water with no extra effort required.

Easy to install making them ideal for people who move house on a regular basis

Fitted with long-life, cleanable ceramic filters

Up to 300 litres per hour of refreshing, clean water

Stylish and compact design to complement any kitchen

Improves taste and odour of drinking water

Removes 99.99%+ of common contaminants

Whether it’s a cool refreshing glass of water in the garden, washing salad and vegetables or brewing the perfect cup of coffee, Doulton®
water filters improve the look, taste and odour of your water by filtering out unwanted contaminants.

 The choice of filter candle grade depends on which contaminants you want to remove from your water, allowing you to create a water filter completely
tailored to your water supply and needs.

Doulton® filters are recognised by industry standards

including NSF and WRAS

Doulton® filters remove contaminants from water down to

0.5 microns in size

filtadapt® Pebble

Counter-top system complete with
BioTect Ultra filter.


The HCP is an ideal solution for people who move
house on a regular basis.

HCS & Ultracarb®

The HCS has a quality stainless steel housing that
is extremely easy to install and uninstall.