The Taste filter bottle lets you take Doulton® quality water with you on all of life’s adventures. Enjoy clean, healthy drinking water wherever you are.

Small but powerful, the Doulton® Taste filter bottle packs a huge amount of expertise and filtration technology into a handy-sized bottle that you can carry everywhere you go, day in, day out.

Stay hydrated and energised all day long with Doulton® Taste –confident of drinking water that is full of taste and essential minerals, not impurities.

Great for hydration, great for the planet

Individually we are the difference when it comes to plastic pollution, make the simplest of changes and swap single-use plastic water bottles for a Doulton® Taste bottle that you can reuse, without compromising on the quality of your drinking water.

Taste refillable water bottles help to reduce the number of plastic bottles thrown away, which all too often end up in landfill and the ocean, damaging our planet and harming wildlife. Choosing a Doulton® Taste filter bottle will not only save you money, but helps you do your bit for the environment by refilling and reusing again, and again, and again.

Wherever life takes you, waste less and drink better with Doulton® Taste.

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Fill up for instantly filtered water on the move

Reduces chlorine, heavy metals and harmful bacteria

Stay hydrated and refreshed with great-tasting water throughout the day

Avoid consuming potentially harmful microplastics, which are often found in single-use plastic bottles

Contribute to environmental sustainability by refilling and reusing again and again

Help reduce single-use plastic waste ending up in landfill and our oceans, harming our planet

Discover the features of the Doulton® Taste bottle:

- Reusable, stylish and durable.

- Available in a variety of contemporary colours to complement your lifestyle.

- Carry handle for portability and ease of attachment to a bag/rucksack.

- Removable pull-out cartridge – cleaning your bottle could not be simpler.

- PET and BPA free.

- Fill capacity of 550mls.

- Takes out chlorine and organic contaminants to improve the taste and odour of your water.

- Takes out heavy metals such as lead.

- Filters out fine particles such as dirt, rust and microplastics down to 1 micron in size (invisible to the naked eye).

- Protects against harmful bacteria.

- Has a typical life of 300 litres or 4 months – double the lifespan of most popular filter bottle cartridges.

It takes approximately 450 years for

1 plastic bottle to biodegrade

93% of bottled water has been found to contain

plastic microparticles

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